SYT TECHNOLOGIE present at the Forum of Defense Companies on October 18th and 19th!

The company will present its latest innovations in Internal Security and Defense. The excellence of SYT OPTRONICS new vision systems, their high performance and their reliability enable the company to assert itself as a new leader on the market.

Meet us at booth F5!

An authentic annual hub, FED 2017 promotes professional meetings between Defense buyers, the main contractors of the Armed Forces and their suppliers and subcontractors. Thanks to the exhibition, more than a third of the contracts notified in 2015 were awarded to SMEs. The forum is now a meeting point for many French or foreign companies, small businesses and SMEs. FED 2017 will welcome visitors and exhibitors at the JAYAT General Engineer district in Versailles-Satory, where several conferences will take place:

  • Improve technical availability and overall cost of MCO through new technologies
  • MCO field: the German approach
  • The challenge of training and maintaining skills in the face of MCO challenges
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